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  • It is basically the Salesforce store, empowering businesses to increase the functionality of Salesforce across every department and industry. It's an ecosystem of over 5,000 ready-to-install solutions, 80,000 peer reviews, and 6 million customer installs to help solve any business challenge.

  • Let’s Check out some of the coolest apps...

Data Collection Apps

  • Form Apps / Data collection apps provide an easy, yet very effective way of collecting data, and integrating it directly into the Salesforce platform with no issues.

  • It allows you to make amazing-looking forms to gather data for events, surveys, feedback, or the other use you'll consider. Using a drag and drop interface, you'll choose the sort of input field, branding, colors, dependencies, and which fields you would like to update in Salesforce when a form has been submitted.

  • Some of the examples the same are

  • Formstack

  • 123formbuilder

Process & Impact Analysis Apps

  • It is a bigger challenge nowadays to deploy the changes and yet make sure the existing functionality is working fine. Also, it'll be a challenge to match up the technical implementation of features, with the particular process that has been defined by the business.

  • These tools are being called “Much needed change ”, and often include impact analysis, so you can understand what will be affected by your changes, as well as process mapping features.

  • Some of the examples the same are

  • Elements Cloud

  • Sonar

  • Panaya

           Document Generation Apps

  • Apart from CPQ, salesforce has not been offered its functionality when it comes to Doc gen space. Document generation Apps allow us to make Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF docs, using your Salesforce data.

  • This can save businesses huge amounts of cash, and time, in wasted Admin hours.

  • Some of the examples the same are

  • Conga

  • Nintex

  • Docomotion

             DevOps Apps

  • As the Salesforce platform gets more complex, Salesforce’s native deployment tools such as changesets, start to slow things down, and here comes DevOps, to deploy in a rapid manner.

  • For an Admin or Sales Ops professional interested in deploying faster this could be a game-changer.

  • Some of the examples the same are

  • Copado

  • Flosum

  • Gearset

            Chatbot Apps

  • A chatbot is a software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages on chat. Its key task is to help users by providing answers to their questions.

  • Chatbots are getting business within the world of B2B. Connecting Chat Bots to Salesforce is a no-brainer, as you can directly integrate new customer inquiries as Leads, or customer support requests as Cases.

  • Some of the examples the same are

  • Qualified

  • Einstein Bots

  • Leadoo


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