Switching from Non-IT background to Salesforce

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You don’t have to have an IT Background to pursue a career as  in Salesforce, although it certainly helps. Several years ago, Salesforce released a We Are The Makers ( video, which highlighted many people who had changed career paths into the cloud, by way of Salesforce.

Most companies who use salesforce as a CRM team give priority to those people within the organization who have in-depth business knowledge and who can correlate this business knowledge into salesforce after certain training.

If you will closely monitor the job of a Salesforce admin you would come to know how important it is for them to know the business line of the company.

There are a TON of job openings. More jobs than professionals!

              The Demand for Salesforce Jobs esforce Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

Salesforce Administrator Roles and Responsibilities:

The Salesforce Administrator job is becoming one of the best career options across the IT industry for NON- IT background. Its popularity is due to the rising demand for Salesforce services in the industry. 

There are different roles available in Salesforce like Salesforce Admin, Data Analyst, Associate Salesforce etc. than Salesforce Developer.

A NON-IT person can choose an Admin job in Salesforce in which point and click means the customization features are available so it will be easy to learn quick switch from NON-IT to Salesforce. 


Salesforce is one of the popular CRM tools available in the market today. It is an industry cloud ecosystem that provides services for setting up a business model successfully. From top MNCs to small start-ups, all make use of Salesforce services to deal with their business problems. While using Salesforce, we need not bother about the software and hardware setup, maintenance, and updates for the application. It is all maintained by Salesforce Developers. So, the presence of Salesforce helps us in focusing only on developing business ideas and innovations rather than maintaining technology. Also, it is a multi user distributed system where multiple clients can use the technology at the same time.

Benefits of Using Salesforce

  • It provides CRM software online at an affordable price, which can be customized according to the needs of a company.

  • With Salesforce, companies need not worry about the infrastructure like installing hardware and software.

  • It saves a lot of time, effort, and money for the organizations.

Therefore, we can say that Salesforce plays a crucial role in running a business efficiently.

Now, in this blog on Salesforce Administrator’s responsibilities, we will learn what Salesforce is all about.

Features of Salesforce

Here are some of the features of Salesforce:

  • Fast:Salesforce is a platform that lays out the quickest path for developing an application after coming up with an idea. We can deploy the business model within weeks while a traditional system takes a year or more to do so.

  • Easy to integrate: We can integrate Salesforce easily with other applications or software, such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

  • Easy to access: We can use Salesforce from any location via the Internet.

  • Productive: As Salesforce is very simple to use, it can fit into the business structure with less effort. So, we can accomplish the tasks productively with less time.

Salesforce Administrator Skills

A Salesforce Administrator should:

  • Have magnificent management skills

  • Possess proficiency in interacting with people at all levels of the company

  • Be capable of effectively analyzing data accumulated from multiple sources

  • Be an expert in Salesforce, for handling various business-related issues

  • Have an understanding of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to optimize the growth rate of the sales team with the help of excellent data analysis skills

  • Possess great data administration skills to retain data arranged and easily accessible

  • Have excellent problem-solving skills to solve all the business and process-related problems of the organization

  • Be responsible to maintain the consistency of the workflow and confidentiality of the business for the organization

Scope of a Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrator is the captain for maintaining the business structure in Salesforce. Also, every company entering into the market, today, establishes its business model in Salesforce. So, we can imagine the importance of a Salesforce Administrator’s responsibilities for executing a successful business and the high-rising scope of a Salesforce Administrator.

Job Opportunities for Salesforce Administrators

According to Forbes, the number of openings for a Salesforce Administrator profile has increased in the last 2 years due to the newly emerging companies embracing Salesforce services. In 2019, we have more than 15,000 job openings for Salesforce professionals. The number manifests the overview of opportunities as a Salesforce Administrator in the present world. From this, we can infer the importance of the Salesforce Administrator role and its responsibilities.

Salary Structure of Salesforce Administrators

According to Indeed, the average salary of a Salesforce Administrator is US$123,000 per year and, in India, it is₹7.8 LPA for a fresher. Companies invest a lot to get the Salesforce Administrator’s responsibilities fulfilled. Also, this six-figure salary is simply great to start a career as a Salesforce Administrator.

Follow Steps:

  • Learn Basics of Salesforce Admin through any training centre, YouTube, Internship. 

  • Salesforce also provided a Trailhead(Trailhead is the fun way to learn) for best practice and learning from Salesforce.

  • Practice Real-Time scenarios

  • Certified yourself 

  • Join SF network(LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce Community).

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