Stand out in your career: Personal Branding

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People knowing you for your work in your career is Personal Branding. It is just like selling a product. You share your knowledge, accomplishments, thoughts, experiences with the people in your community. 

If you talk about career growth it is not only about working 9-5 it is also about your contribution to the community. You gain success only when you learn to give back. What all steps you need to take in your career to give back to the community. 

Personal Branding is very important for your growth as this makes you recognize the industry and makes your path easier in any way you ask me. Salesforce is a platform which always wants their employees to fly high and never stop. You can never see a barrier in your way. For Personal branding you need to do some simple steps.

Salesforce Community:Ohana!

Salesforce has its own community where you can post your questions related to anything may it technical or non-technical. You can also go to the community and answer the questions raised by your fellow community members. When you answer any question and if it is solved by the author then the author can/will mark your answer as the best answer as it solved their question. If you have the most best answers then you are ordered in the group according to your best answers and everyone notices that.

Social Media:

Social media handles are important in the current digital era. It keeps you well informed about the new releases. The few social media platforms that are popular are LinkedIn, Twitter. You can connect with several people across the world and grow yourself.

Collaboration Groups 

Being an active part of the collaboration groups to connect with different people, including customers, employees, and partners, has always been beneficial. Even Salesforce has many collaboration groups that help you connect 24/7 with people worldwide to discuss a wide range of topics.


Sessions or Virtual Groups held virtually from various locations can take you deeper into understanding the market scenario. You can find these groups on social media channels, by browsing featured groups, and even at


Volunteer Groups or Local Groups are general groups held in local regions. There are volunteers who build these groups to bring people of the same locality into a conversation. This is mainly done to help the members explore new ideas, develop innovations, improve networking, and address challenges with a positive approach.

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