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Skinny Table in Salesforce

In Salesforce, one can create Skinny/thin tables to incorporate often used fields and keep away from joins. This can enhance the overall performance of sure read-best operations. Skinny tables are saved in sync with their supply tables whilst the supply tables are modified. You can't create, get entry to, or regulate Skinny/thin tables yourself. You want to touch Salesforce Customer Support for the Skinny/thin desk. This desk indicates an Account view, a corresponding database desk, and a Skinny/thin desk that could accelerate Account queries. 

How Skinny Tables can Improve Performance

What are Skinny/thin tables? What makes them fast? Salesforce keeps different, separate tables on the database degree for trendy and custom fields for every item desk that's seen to you. This separation, which's invisible to customers, mostly calls for a be part of whilst a question incorporates each sort of field. A Skinny/thin desk includes some fields and additionally omits gentle-deleted records. They keep away from aid in-depth join. Their tables are saved in sync with their supply tables whilst supply tables are modified. They no longer encompass gentle deleted records. 

Skinny assist enhance document and question overall performance in the following ways-: 

  • Skinny tables offer a view through more than one gadget for smooth entry to mixed facts. 

  • Skinny tables incorporate often used fields and thereby assist in fending off joins. 

  • Skinny tables are saved in sync with adjustments to facts in supply tables 

  • Skinny tables can incorporate the subsequent sorts of fields : 

    • Checkbox 

    • Date 

    • Date and time 

    • Email

    • Number

    • Percent

    • Phone 

    • Picklist (multi-select) 

    • Text

    • Text area 

    • Text area (extended) 

    • URL


When to Use? 

Skinny tables are maximum beneficial, with tables containing tens of thousands and thousands of records. They may be created on custom gadgets and Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, and Case devices. 

In addition, they could decorate overall performance for reports, listing views, and SOQL. The Skinny/thin desk permits you to reorganize decided-on columns and rows of facts right into a different desk. 

Things to Consider

Skinny tables can incorporate most of the one hundred columns. These can't contain fields from different gadgets. These are copied in your Full sandbox org and not in your sandbox organizations. To have manufacturing, Skinny/thin tables activated for sandbox sorts aside from Full sandboxes, touch Salesforce Customer Support.

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