Salesforce & How to get started?

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Before you start reading about what is salesforce let me just give you an overview of why we have salesforce CRM. 

In recent times, there has been a sudden change of wave in Cloud Computing Technologies. Earlier in the business world setting up the whole CRM was a big deal. Just imagine, buying software and setting up the hardware, installation of complex software which would consume a lot of time, define user access, and a whole lot of things piled up. That was the time when in 1997 customer relationship management was popularized by Siebel, Gartner & IBM which made working so easier. Everything was on the cloud and you just need your system and internet connection. Cloud Computing has turned out to be very cost-effective in every sense of the word. 

What is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is an American cloud-based organization that was founded in the year 1999 by Mark Benioff and Parker Harris. It is a software as a service-based CRM. It is based on a multi-tenant architecture that helps multiple customers to build and run their latest release. There are different services that salesforce provides to its customers like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App cloud. To know more about salesforce in-depth 

How to get started? 



You might have a different educational background but are you eligible to enter the Salesforce ecosystem? Yes, you are. Salesforce does not have any education barrier. Isn't it amazing? It’s not necessary for you to know any programming language or anything. All you need is dedication and belief in yourself.



Salesforce provides its own platform for you to start your journey into the ecosystem i.e. Trailhead. To start with trailhead click here Once you are redirected to the official website of Trailhead you get two options sign up & login. If you already have an account then click login and if you are new to it go to signup. You get a few ways to sign up at the trailhead if you have a salesforce account you can directly sign up using it or with other options available. After you are signed up you can directly go to the Learn tab and select career path, choose your role & you are ready to TrailBlaze! 

It is a free learning platform where you can choose the role you would like to build your career. The different roles that you can have are 


● Salesforce Administrator 

● Salesforce Developer 

● Salesforce Architect 

● Salesforce Business Analyst 

● Marketing Careers 

● Sales Careers 

● Service Careers 

● Salesforce Consultant 

You just have to visit the trailhead website, choose your role, and start your amazing journey. If you ask me, Trailhead is just like a shopping mall. You will get everything that you want. When you start solving the badges you are also given a token of appreciation by achieving different ranks which depend on your points and badges like Hiker, Explorer, Adventurer, Mountaineer, Expeditioner & Ranger.


Other Learning Sources: 

Salesforce itself has its own youtube channel dedicated to every area of the platform: 

● Salesforce Developers 

● Salesforce Admins 

● Trailhead 

● Salesforce Events & Dreamforce 

● Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

● Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

● Salesforce App Cloud 

Salesforce provides a community that you can find on the trailhead. This community is basically for its users to evolve as an individual. You can be part of different groups of your interests. You can post questions or the issues that you face while learning salesforce through trailhead or solve queries posted by your fellow ecosystem members.


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