Salesforce Genie Overview

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Salesforce Genie is a hyperscale real-time data platform for driving customer magic. This new data integration model came into existence for organizations of real-time information to your customer across sales, service, marketing, and commerce. It simplified, transformed, and organized the data into a real-time customer graph to maintain a unified customer profile record. It is a collection of our metadata, packaging, APIs, and experiences with public cloud data scale, latency, and processing.


There is a problem that companies are facing nowadays, like the explosion of devices means there are more devices than humans on this planet. So, companies have to connect with their customers in different forms with the help of the web, mobile, bots, physical stores, IoT devices, etc. If data is coming from different channels, companies have to maintain different software to access customer data and provide unified customer experiences. To solve this issue, companies create big data platforms which require a team to build and maintain these types of infrastructures and It is very expensive. So this problem is solved by the Salesforce genie.



Bringing all data together means a lot of data born within salesforce and also data is coming from outside of salesforce in the form of the batch, metadata, etc. so by using that data maybe you have to harmonize it, maybe you want to reshape it, may clean that data, may create a new feature with help of that data. Following are the steps that the genie works- 

Connect - 

It is a way to collect any type of data within a genie platform for organizing and providing better access control.

Harmonize -

for example - customer information coming from the commerce cloud and contact data coming from salesforce CRM at that time bring all data together and perform some harmonization.

Engage - 

For example - If a person has a different emailId on a different platform then how do we reconcile the person's data from different data sources so this is unification.

Experience -

With the help of Einstein Al prediction and using real-time data, it provides a magical experience to your customer within milliseconds.

Following are some examples of Salesforce Genie-

For example - In your Grocery Store app you want to show the capacity of the store means how many products are available in the store, which brand has more demand as compared to other brands, which product has a shortage in your store, etc. all things are measured with the help of real-time data. With the help of Genie, you will be able to unite that data  together in one place and use it to improve marketing, sales, service, and any applications in Customer 360. With help of this the sales team knows what product they are looking at online and also the service team knows the status of your inventory before raising any tickets. With the help of Salesforce Einstein, you can perform real-time predictions and analyses. Also, you can identify trends around future products on demand and target customers with the right offers in real-time.

Innovation of Genie with strategic partnerships which provide customer 360.

1. In Sales Cloud, with the help of Genie every sales rep can receive real-time recommendations from Einstein prediction and analysis at the time of customer calls which helps reps to provide recommendations to the customer on the basis of their conversation.

2. In Service Cloud, with the help of Genie every service rep from the call center to the field can provide active services with real-time alerts, and reps can engage the customer and also resolve their issues.

3. In Marketing Cloud, with the help of Genie every marketer can deliver messages across channels that receive customer activity across various brands in real time.

4. In Commerce Cloud, with the help of Genie every retailer can build tough shopper experiences that affect real-time customer actions, including actions taken on a website or mobile app.

5. In Tableau, with the help of Genie in real time every business can monitor Key Performance Indicators to inform action across the business, including real-time purchasing of data for sales, real-time highly raising cases for service, and real-time traffic on websites for marketing.

6. In MuleSoft, with the help of Genie in real-time data every business can unlock across any modern or legacy system.

7. In Slack, with the help of Genie automatically viewing real time data from any channel the efficiency of the team increases.

Vibhuti Rai

Vibhuti Rai

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