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Following are some of the Salesforce extensions available on Google Chrome. This will be useful in your Salesforce daily life.

  1. Salesforce colored favicons

Use -  

Update the standard favicon on the Salesforce tab to a color version to help distinguish between different organizations. This extension allows you to work in multiple Salesforce orgs and view tabs for developers who have multiple tabs open at once.

Supports both Classic and Lightning Experience and includes separate icons for production, sandbox, and scratch org. 

To use the extension, simply go to your Salesforce org and the extension will automatically select any color and update your favicon to that color. Now, every time you visit that organization, you'll see a color favicon instead of the basic Salesforce favicon. At this point, you can access the Options page and change the color of the organization you accessed.


How it works -



  1. Salesforce Inspector 

Use  -
A productivity tool that allows Salesforce admins and developers to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI. 


The extension adds a metadata layout on the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and enjoyment of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration tasks.


How it works - 



  1. Advanced Code Searcher -



This extension provides quick access to Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components, Workflow Rules, Triggers, Custom Objects, Validation Rules, Lightning Components. 

You can also check code coverage and search codes easily and quickly in Salesforce. Advanced quick search can reduce your code to just a few clicks. You can also find any string of code.


How to make it work in Lightning:


  • Include extensions on the settings page. It will take you to the installation homepage, where you will find the inserted extension on the right. 

  • You must allow the application to call the API (this is a one-time operation). 

  • Click the button, and you will be taken to Salesforce and approved. Once approved, you will be redirected to the homepage. 

  • When completed, all functions are available.




  1. Apex Debugger



This extension helps you debug your Salesforce Apex code easily.

             How to use

  • Press (Shift+w) from any salesforce page to open Log.

  • Click on the extension to configure keyboard shortcuts. Search in  logs 

  • Filter logs 

  • Delete all logs 

  • Add current User

  • Indent structured data such as sObject, List, XML or JSON

  • Get improved view with custom themes

  • Any Id in logs is a link to the respective Object page (Class, Trigger, Validation Rule, etc.)

  • Lightning compatible


  1. Quick Login As
    Use -   
    This extension allows you to log in to other users easily. It holds the currently displayed page.

    The main point of using this extension are -


  • Support Classic and Lightning. 

  • It is listed on the user list page to choose to log in as a different user from all the pages and provides a pop-up.

  •  When a user is selected, it keeps the page you were logged in to and viewing as that user. 

  • Logging out takes you back to the page you were initially on when you logged in as a different user.

 How it works -





This extension helps you manage your Salesforce login credentials and allows you to log in with just one click. 

This extension allows you to manage your Salesforce login credentials and log in quickly. 

Suppose you're a Salesforce administrator or developer who needs to manage some organizations and login credentials. In that case, you're tired of entering your username and password every time you move from one account to another.

           This extension helps you;

  • Manage login information (username, password, security token, description) for 

  • New Tab New Window Quickly log in to in incognito mode. 

  • Sync your login information across your devices.

Automatically takes backup of account information to your
Google Drive.




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