Record Type and Page Layout

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Record Type and Page Layout

Record types are used in Salesforce to have different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts depending upon the profile per user. You may create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements offering different picklist values for each. Record types in Salesforce determine to Create other business processes, assign page layouts and picklist values.

Record types play an important role in Salesforce, which the below-mentioned use case can elaborate on:

  • Different page layouts can be used on a single object based on the different business scenarios.

  • Different picklist values can be displayed based upon requirements.

  • Record types and page layout are used to restrict the field access based upon layout.

  • Record type restricts certain users from creating a new record based on their profile by using a Record type assignment.

Page Layout in Salesforce

Page layouts control the related lists on object record pages and organization of buttons, fields, Visualforce, custom links. Page layouts are used in which fields are visible, read-only, and required as per our requirement.

For creating a Page Layout, please follow the path:

  • Go to  Setup, click on  Object Manager and then select Enquiry.

  • Click the button on Page Layouts, click on  New,

  • Drag and drop required components (fields, buttons) to the layout and click on the save button page layout.

  • Page Layout assignment based on require record types and need profiles

  • Go to Setup, click on  Object Manager and then select Enquiry.

  • Click on Page Layout >>  Page Layout Assignment >>Edit Assignment

  • Edit Page Layout Assignment

There are different types of business processes.

Business Process

Business Processes manage sales, support, and lead life cycles across different divisions, groups, or markets.

Different Business Processes are:

  • Sales Processes – Sales Processes are used to Create different sales processes for the Opportunity Stage field.

  • Support Processes – Support Processes are used to Create different support processes for the Case Status field.

  • Lead Processes – Lead Processes are used to Create different lead processes for the Lead Status field.

  • Solution Processes – Solution Processes are used Create different solution processes for the Solution Status field.


Creating Record Types:

Record Types are used to control different picklist values and page layouts.

Take one example. An organization deals with Enquiry, which has two types of Enquiry for Sales and Service. By using record types, it is possible to have a single Salesforce instance to manage them both. In this case, record type can regularize the access to records to associated Enquiries.

Understand it by the diagram:

We have an object called Enquiry which has two types of Enquiry Sales and Service. There is a picklist field called Types of Enquiry having different values for both Sales and Service Enquiry. Also, Both Enquiry has different page layouts, Sales Enquiry Layout Layout and Service Enquiry Layout.

Let’s Create it practically. Now we create a page layout.

Go to Setup >> Objects >> Enquiry >> Page Layout >> Click on New Button


Click on Save. Further to that, change the layout according to Sales. Similar to this Create a Service Enquiry Layout. Now we will create Record Types for this Enquiry.

Go to Setup >> Objects >> Enquiry >> Record Type>> New

Click the New button and fill all required fields and select profiles


Now Link it to the Sales Enquiry Layout, and click on Save.

Now we Customize picklist values for Types of Enquiry fields. For this, Click Edit available next to the field. Then, choose values. Here we are creating this for Sales, so we choose Sales in the picklist. As shown in the below figure:



Similar to this, create another record type for Service Record Type. And

Link it to the Service Enquiry Layout, and click on save.

For the Types of Enquiry field, Choose Values that are related to Service. Then click on Save.

Now see what we have done:

Go To Enquiry Tab >> Then Click On New Button. Select a Record type that routes us on the appropriate Page layout.



If we select Sales, we are Routed to the Sales Enquiry Layout. Also, in that layout, the Types of enquiry field have values according to Sales.

And if we select Service, we are Routed to the Service Enquiry Layout. Also, in that layout, the Types of Enquiry field have values according to Service. Record Types are Majorly used to manage different-different Business processes.

For details, refer to Create RecordTypes:



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