Manage Audiences in Experience builder

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Do you want to show different content to different audiences on the Salesforce digital experience site? There is an easy way to do this by using Salesforce’s Audience feature. By using this feature you can tailor custom digital experiences by varying the content for different types of users.

For example, let’s say you’re an admin of a financial firm using Salesforce platform for granting and maintaining loan applications. Now there are two types of customers visiting your experience site. 1) Those who are in the process of getting a loan will be shown a loan application portal for completing their application. 2) Those who have already taken out a loan will be shown a servicing portal for completing repayments and other solving queries. Both of these users need to be shown a different homepage on login according to their application status and needs. You can simply achieve this by following the below steps -

  • Go to Setup → Digital Experiences → All Sites → Open your site’s builder.

  • In Page Manager, select the page you want to edit.

  • To bring up the ellipsis, hover over the page name.

  • To bring up the page options, click the ellipsis.

  • Open page settings.



  • select the Page Variations tab.

  • Click on the manage audiences icon on the top right corner.


  • Click on New Audience.

  • Select the criteria that you want for your audience. (In this example we will select the audience based on the loan status of the user’s contact)


  • Create a new page variation and assign the newly created audience to that page variation.


  • To update the visibility settings of:

    • An unpublished page, click Save. The visibility changes don’t go live until you publish your site.

    • A published page variation, click Publish Visibility Changes. The visibility changes go live immediately, but any other pending changes must be published separately.

After publishing your changes, next time the user logs in to the digital experience of your org they will be shown the pages dynamically according to the criteria you set in the page variations.

Piyush  Jogdand

Piyush Jogdand

Hello, My name is Piyush Jogdand and I am currently working as a Salesforce developer at Mindzcloud Technologies. I aspire to be a Salesforce technocrat and always like to gain and share new knowledge around Salesforce.