How to prepare for a Salesforce Interview ?

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How to prepare for a Salesforce Interview 

There is a lot of demand in the market for Salesforce professionals, but we should be well prepared for each and every interview we are going to face. 

As we get only a single opportunity to impress ourselves in the interview to be a potential candidate for a company so here are some tips to ensure that you get the best possible chance to get selected in the interview. 

Understand what an interviewer is looking for 

Before appearing for any interview make sure you understand what the interviewer is actually seeking for and you should prepare according to it. Just review the job description so that you can get an idea about what the company is looking for and plan accordingly. 

Note down the work done you have done in past 

It is very important to have some idea about Salesforce before you go for the interview. Some of the past work experience may help you to perform better in the interview and you can stand out from other candidates. You can learn it from the trailhead which is the best platform if you are going for a salesforce interview it provides you live scenarios that make it easy to remember any concept. 

Make a research about the company 

As we all know everybody checks the company website once before appearing for the interview but this is not enough these days. We advise you to go through the social media handles of the company such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which makes you understand the work culture of the company. You should also check the LinkedIn of the company which will help you to explore the number of employees in the company, various hiring going on in the company. 

Build your resume 

Building a resume is one of the most important things while appearing for the interview. You should keep your resume simple and you should highlight the thing that you are confident about that will benefit you, also you should mention your past achievements. This will make your resume stand out from others.


An important question which can be asked 

As you are going for the interview you should be well prepared. The first thing the interviewer will ask you: Tell me about yourself? so you should be well prepared for this question. As you are going for a salesforce interview you should have knowledge of both Configuration & Customization. You should have theoretical and practical knowledge that will help you to perform well in the interview. Here are some questions which you should prepare: 

  • How many types of relationships are offered by Salesforce? 

  • What do you mean by governor limits? 

  • What are the types of reports that we have in Salesforce? 

  • What is a profile? Can two users have the same profile? 

  • Explain the difference between role and profile? 

  • What is the validation rule? 

  • What are the types of Collections available in Apex? 

  • What are trigger events? 

  • What is the order of execution of Salesforce? 

  • What is a test class and what is the purpose of writing a test class? 

Be Confident and be honest 

All the information which you provide in your resume is correct so you should go into the interview with confidence. If you do not have an answer for any of the questions then say No I don't know the answer rather than giving wrong answers to the interviewer. So prepare well and All the Best!!!!

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