How to land my first job as a Salesforce fresher?

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How to land my first job as a Salesforce fresher? 

We know that finding a job is tough when you're fresh, pass out from college or looking for a new career in Salesforce. And you don't have the experience to land that first job. So don’t worry, here we will discuss some points which will help you to get a job without any experience. 

Day-by-day the scope of careers in Salesforce is increasing because it's a Burning Glass Technologies and has customer-centric features. New clients are signing contracts every day, and because of this reason, Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Architects, and Salesforce Consultants are in huge demand. Yes! In this blog, we are going to discuss how to land your first job as a salesforce fresher without any prior experience. 

Getting started with your Salesforce career is not at all difficult. Although it takes time to get a salesforce job at the entry-level, however, it is achievable. 

1. Can I get my first job in Salesforce? 

Learning Salesforce is easier than other core technologies like JAVA , Dot Net etc. Because in Salesforce there is the admin and development part. In admin you need to configure with a built in tool called point and click functionality available in Salesforce. On the other hand that in development, you need to learn Apex programming, HTML, CSS, JS which is easy to learn. 

2. What are the prerequisites for Salesforce Fresher Job? 

You should start learning Salesforce Admin first then Salesforce Development because in admin there is a point click functionality available so it will be easy to learn new things. For that, you can register yourselves in a Salesforce Trailhead where you can start learning Salesforce Admin with hands-on practice with the given module. Also, try to solve super badges. And you should try to become a Trailhead Ranger. Trailhead is the first step to start learning Salesforce

easily by yourself. If you are facing any issue in that you can raise a question for finding the solution for that there is a Salesforce community available to resolve your query, even if you are able to answer then you can also provide a solution. 

3. What is the path to becoming a Salesforce Fresher Developer(Trainee)? 

First, learn Salesforce Development but how that's the main question. So, there are so many online resources available in the market to help you to learn Salesforce Development. 

* The first one is Trailhead. Using Trailhead you can build your development skills. There are different modules available for Development like Apex Classes, Apex Trigger, Asynchronous Apex, etc.    

Volunteer for NON-Profit Organization. So can volunteer yourself to build the solution for a NON-Profit Organization. Through this, you will get a chance to work with the other Salesforce developer so they can review the code and this way you can build your knowledge. 

* Apply for new positions like Salesforce Development or Salesforce Administrator profile and try to give interviews as many as possible. Every interview gives you good experience to improve your knowledge and start practicing more on the skills that are weak. And start implementing it. 

* Build your solid Trailhead Profile. 

* Reach out to the Salesforce Community via Salesforce Developer Forum or Salesforce Success Community and this will help you to make some connections, some salesforce connections in your network, or it will help you to build your salesforce network and these people will help you to get your first job opportunity. Through the Salesforce forum and success community and start exploring the questions there start answering some questions if you know the solutions and if you don't know the solutions then you can start implementing the solutions by yourself. 

* Do Some Superbadges because they are on real-time scenarios and they are very very complex. So if you successfully complete the super badge that definitely gives you a lot of confidence development and admin skills and it definitely adds value to your resume as well. Through this hiring, the team will know about your score and they know how much knowledge you have in Salesforce. Trailhead profile works as proof of your skills. 


Learn from your friends who are already working on Salesforce Development or Salesforce Admin about on which currently they are working, what kind of solutions they used in building the project. You can view their code like how they work and what is the way they follow to develop an application. 

4. What if I do not get shortlisted in companies demanding experience in Salesforce? 

  • Develop your solid Github profile, solid LinkedIn profile because if you have a solid Linkedin profile will be noticed by the recruiters they may reach out to you in this way. 

  •  Reach out to the people who are already working on Salesforce Technologies connect with them and share your interest in working on Salesforce. 

  •  Keep sharing your knowledge on social media like mainly on LinkedIn so whenever you are going to build a new solution for a particular problem. Always share as you can on your LinkedIn Profile. 

  •  Keep upskilling yourself with the latest technologies like LWC, SFDX. If you learn the latest technologies in Salesforce then there are more chances to get selected for your profile for an interview and then cracking the interview because you are already updated with the latest technologies. 

5. What if I still don’t get an opportunity? 

  • Patience is the key to success. 

  • Don’t ever lose hope. 

  •  Keep applying to as many positions as you can. If you fail in an interview don’t get demotivated. Learn something new from that interview. 

  • Keep building your knowledge, keep upskilling yourself. 

  • Keep learning new features in Salesforce.

Yamini Gaharwar

Yamini Gaharwar

Hey Trailblazers, My name is Yamini Singh Gaharwar. I am Salesforce Certified Professional. I work on both configuration & customization related queries. I love working on this technology and always striving to learn something new everyday.