Guide to Custom Notification : Part 1

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Salesforce Custom Notification was a Summer 19 release. This is a cool way to get custom notifications in your salesforce org rather than in your mail. There are different ways to get a notification when an event occurs, like email alerts, writing a trigger, and custom notifications. 

Here is the Step-by-Step guide. 

Business Requirement: 

Mark wants to get notified when an opportunity is created. He gets several mails daily & can’t keep up with created opportunities. 


  • Create Custom Notification : 

Setup -> Quick find box -> search custom notifications -> New -> Name (Opportunity Creation Notification) -> Supported channels = Desktop, Mobile. 

Checking both Desktop & Mobile Supported Channel means you can access the notification via both desktop and mobile.


  • Create a Process Builder : 

Setup -> Quick find box -> Process Builder -> Create new process -> “Notify user when an opportunity is created” -> Create process (when record changes).

  • Process Starts on object “Opportunity”

  • Add Criteria


  • Add Action: 

After the criteria has been set we add the action. We select the action type as Custom Notification. In the Notification type, select the notification you created to send the user. You get different options to send notification to a group , user, owner & select different users or the current user. 



  • Test the Custom Notification

    Create a test opportunity & get your notification. Voila!!


Yamini Gaharwar

Yamini Gaharwar

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