Configuration or Customization, Which is better option ?

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Configuration or Customization better option? 

CRM forms the heart of any Business. It is the connecting link between the organization and the customer. As a good CRM is needed to fulfill all necessary information required to maintain an efficient relationship with clients, so Salesforce is the best option one can think of. As it is highly customizable and robust. To build any Salesforce application, there are basically two options available.

  • Salesforce Configuration 

  • Salesforce Customization 

Often the organization finds it difficult to choose which one they should go for. Let us go into the stepwise detail of what is the use of each and how they can be used. 

Salesforce Configuration 

Salesforce configuration mainly focuses on everything that you can do. It is basically a click and creates functionality without using a lot of code. It becomes very easy for one to create and understand. Here are some characteristics of configurable Salesforce application: 

  • You can integrate new fields, modules,, workflows and reports by simply following some easy steps without using a single line of code. 

  • Customers can get what they want by simplistic configuration. 

Salesforce Customization 

Salesforce customization deals with the custom development of code to develop a feature that can further be used to integrate with the workflows or process builder we have built for any business process. Customization is used where a particular problem cannot be solved using configuration. Here are some characteristics of customizable Salesforce application: 

  •  It is used to develop features that are unavailable using standard functionality. 

  • Creating some feature that is not possible with configuration and is achieved by a piece of code. 

  • By using triggers on objects for performing a few more actions than using it by configuration.


When we should choose Configuration 

You can go for Configuration when :

  • When you want to use the inbuilt functionality. 

  • When you want to have your application look and feel like that of Salesforce. 

  • When there is limited time and budget. 

When we should choose Customization:

  • When a business process cannot be achieved by configuration. 

  • When there is a need for 3rd party integration. 

  • When there is budget and good expertise needed. 

So Configuration or Customization which one is a better option 

So it's on the individual for which one to go for configuration or customization. Both have their own specification and unique characteristics. Depending on the requirements and the above-mentioned parameters you can choose which one to opt for. If one builds something on configuration and if something new has to be added then one should go for customization. So it's the individual choice which thing should be used. Both have their different advantages.

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