Come, Meet the Panda of the Salesforce Ecosystem

Thinking about innovative and exemplary ways of introducing SFDC to all Salesforce enthusiasts, job seekers, students, and professionals became a concern for us and our mascot had to represent all of this at once but in a simple way. Hence we introduce you to ‘Panda - Our Mascot’. 

Wondering why Panda? It is not just the name but the figure that defines the core of SFDC. There is no denying that Pandas play a crucial role in the natural ecosystem. They are lovable, huggable, and courageous land animals who can climb trees and even swim across rivers. Moreover, they have a large appetite and satisfy their food cravings; they keep moving around in search of food. But what is so special about this? Every animal in the forest follows a similar regime. Isn’t it? Yes, you are right, but Pandas are undoubtedly different. It is one animal that helps grow new plants and keeps the forest healthy, recharged, and lively all through. Do you know how? When Pandas move around, seeds and plant matter keep sticking to their fur and get collected there. The collected seeds and other plant matter are then dispersed throughout the forest or their habitat. And hence, vegetation thrives.

Phew…that’s precisely what SFDC does. This place aims to be the melting pot of everyone in this domain and generate new networks and ideas. In the vast active Salesforce ecosystem predominated with developers, businesses, freshers, trailblazers, MVPs, and of course the CRM at the heart of it, SFDC Mindz chooses to be the ‘Panda of the Ecosystem’.

From freshers to MVPs, everyone can find their ‘Moment of Salesforce Read’. And in the days to come, you will even find a way to upload your blogs and stories to share your experiences with others sharing the ecosystem. This makes SFDC a ‘Resourceful Digital Salesforce Library’. From here, a meaningful journey takes its pace. As we said, the Panda recharges the ecosystem, and this blog is the proverbial fur. The ideas stick to it and spread as the Panda traverses the jungle of this technological world.

You all love Panda. Isn’t it? And in this era of technologies, innovations, and inventions, SFDC Mindz is proud to be a ‘Panda’, never giving up on our dream to revolutionize the Salesforce ecosystem.