About Us


Salesforce is not just a product or a simple tool. Every user or professional associated with this CRM has a story or an experience to share. Maybe not even a story but a simple hack or a solution to a problem. Everyone has their side of the coin and that's what creates a vibrant Salesforce Ecosystem. SFDC mindZ is the playground for all Salesforce Enthusiasts. Developers, Experienced MVPs, Trailblazers, Freshers, Clients or just a technology adopter, we will cover everyone. We include diverse content that is appealing to SF users and businesses alike. The blog site covers resourceful experiences from senior professionals designed to educate, inspire, and enlighten the community.

SFDC mindZ will also develop into a central location for Freshers and Early Adopters of this technology to find simple, thought provoking yet useful content to tackle their issues or problems. 

Inviting authors from across the globe, we will traverse the full ecosystem of Salesforce Technologies intending to enhance customer connect, amplify business opportunities, and maximize business ROI. 

Currently there are blogs on Salesforce, personal experiences of Salesforce developers, Salesforce customer stories, and freshers talking about certifications.

SFDC mindZ goes way beyond being just innovative and dynamic. Instead, it strives to be a bit more inspiring and aiming towards building a genuinely passionate and responsive global salesforce community. Happy Reading and Contributing Folks !!!